Mickle: Building Blockchain Powered DApps/Platforms To Revolutionize The Traditional Way Of Doing Things

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Micklecoin Presale Is Live…

1 MICK = $0.5


We aim to build blockchain powered platforms for shopping, ridesharing, crowdfunding, trading, messaging/chatting and payment.

By adopting the blockchain technology, we aim to build platforms that will revolutionize the way we shop online, book a cab, make donations, trade digital assets, chat and make payment globally. Such are: Mickle Marketplace, Mickle Ridesharing platform, Mickle Crowdfunding platform, Mickle Exchanges, Mickle Arbitrage platform, Mickle Messaging App and Mickle Payment App. The Mickle platforms as decentralized applications (DApp) powered by blockchain technology will reduce the impact of third-parties on the functions of the applications and allow users to connect to each other directly which will increase transaction efficiency and speed as well as reduce cost 

Mickle Marketplace

A blockchain powered marketplace that will serve as an advertising platform for merchants offering products and
services worldwide. Users can buy goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Mickle marketplace offers a decentralized option set to empower consumers with more transparent,
safe and secure transactions.

Mickle Ridesharing

A blockchain powered ridesharing platform that will enable
passengers to book a cab immediately at their convenience and make payment using
cryptocurrencies. Cab riders will be able to book a cab, pay the driver, give a review or rating to the driver. mickle ridesharing platform will eliminate the
unexpected price surges, a lack of transparency in the taxi-booking process, a lack of
standardized security measures and many more.

Mickle Crowdfunding

A blockchain powered crowdfunding platform that will be used to help
people raise funds for projects or specific cause from anywhere in the world. This platform will
help organizations, businesses, and individuals to raise fund for any type of project; example:
creative projects, charitable causes, personal expenses, blockchain project and many more.

Mickle Exchanges

Mickle exchanges are secure peer-to-peer (p2p) cyptocurrencies exchange platform that will
allow users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other without any trusted third-party
to process all trades. These exchanges will be built with strong security to ensure that user’s digital
assets/cryptocurrency is safe and secure. The mickle peer-to-peer (p2p) exchanges will leverage
the power of permission less blockchain technology to eliminate the need of any intermediary
and allow users to trades cryptocurrencies directly with each other with less or no transaction

Mickle Arbitrage

Mickle arbitrage platform is a platform that will allow users to simultaneously buy
cryptocurrencies for a lower price from one exchange platform and then sell it at a
higher price on a different market using a bot.

Mickle Chat App

A cryptocurrency payment enabled
messaging platform that will enable users to message to each other and also pay to anyone
around the world fast and securely with low transaction fee. This chat app will be built with
cross border payment in mind that will make it different from other chat app out there. I.e. it
will not only be used for message purposes but to send money to someone anywhere in the

Mickle Payment App

Mickle payment app is a blockchain powered money transfer app that will allow users to
transfer money to others anywhere in the world quick and hassle free with low transaction fee.
This app will provide secure and transparent funds transfer between users in the ecosystem.
Mickle blockchain powered payment app offer accelerated secure, low cost, near instant
international payments transfer faster than traditional systems. The validity of the transactions
is verified by the globally distributed ledgers that apply a consensus mechanism.



Micklecoin (MICK)

Micklecoin (MICK) is an ERC-20 utility tokens built on ethereum blockchain. It was created to power Mickle decentralized applications (Dapps)/platforms.
Token Information

Token Sale Information

Micklecoin Allocation

Funds Allocation

  • Presale Tokens: 1,200,000 MICK
  • Crowd Sale Token: 8,000,000 MICK
  • Presale Price: $0.5
  • Crowdsale Price: $0.8
  • Soft Cap: $1.4M
  • Hard Cap: $7M
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH
  • Minimum Investment: $20


  • Mick can be used to buy things on the marketplace
  • Mick can be used to pay for featured listings on the marketplace
  • Mick can be used to pay for cab on the ridesharing platform
  • Mick can be used to make donations on the crowdfunding platform
  • Mick can be used to pay for trading fees on the exchanges.
  • Mick can be used to purchase assets outside its ecosystem and in any platform that Mickle company will launched in the future


2019 – 2020

Idea & Business Plan

Project Whitepaper Created

Team Members Recruited

Website Created

Social Media Pages & Groups Created

Micklecoin Airdrop Campaign

Micklecoin Listed On Exchanges

Mickle Token Sale

Q1 2021 – Q2 2021

Mickle Token Sale

Micklecoin Distribution

Listing On More Exchanges

Launching Of Mickle Exchanges

Launching Of Mickle Arbitrage Platform

Launching Of Mickle Crowdfunding Platform

Q3 2021 – Q4 2021

Launching Of Mickle Marketplace

Launching Of Mickle Ridesharing Platform

Launching Of Mickle Message/Chat Platform

Launching Of Mickle Payment Platform

Launching Of Mickle Android & IOS App


Ignatius O. Obi

Founder & CEO

Feilong Cui


Mohamed Gamal


Sunday Ayeremoah

Public Affairs/Marketing



Micklecoin MICK is an erc20 utility token built on ethereum blockchain to power mickle platforms. Holders can use it to pay for services in our platforms

We aim to build blockchain powered multivendor marketplace, ridesharing platform, crowdfunding platform, decentralized exchanges platform, arbitrage platform, messaging app and payment app. Many other blockchain powered platforms/apps will be built in the future.

To buy Micklecoin, you need to participate in any of our token sale (“Presale” or “Crowdsale”)

Then, send ETH to the  official address: 0x105078aa3d2de7815d46acaca0b1fea4cfcda7fe

Presale price is $0.5
Crowdsale is $0.8

Of course, you can, provided you have the fund.

The minimum investment is $20

We accept ETH only.

It will be distributed automatically to investors wallet 48hours after  the token sale.

It will be listed on popular exchanges immediately after the token sale.

Our target exchanges are Probit, P2pb2b, Tokpie, Latoken, Uniswap, Switchdex/Clickdex and Bancor.

The listing price will be $1.5

You can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet. Example: MetaMask, TrustWallet, MyEtherWallet and many others.

Please when buying MICK on our website  make sure to use a wallet that you have access to because that is where your MICK will be sent to.

To join our community forum click here

Create an account and start your own topic.

In the forum, we discuss issues related to mickle project and other blocklchain/crypto projects all over the world.


Any question? Reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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