How to buy Micklecoin (MICK)

To participate in the ongoing private sale, you need to send a particular amount of ETH directly to our token sale smart contracts address which will send MICK equivalent to your wallet instantly. Below are the requirements you need to be able to do that
MetaMask wallet (Recommended) or any other erc20 compatible wallet
But before then, let me list the bonus/reward that you receive when you participate in our private sale. 
  • 20% bonus : This simply means that for any amount of MICK purchased, you will get 20% of it. Example: if you buy 500 MICK ($100), you will get 600 MICK ($120). 
  • 100% Mickleshares (MISH) : This means that for any amount invested, you will get 100% bonus of it in MISH: Example: If you buy 500 MICK ($100), you will get 100 MISH. Mickleshares (MISH) is an equity token that will represent revenue shares of our platforms. Holders of this token are entitled to 20% of our revenue which will be paid out monthly.
Generals Example:
$50 Investment = 300 MICK (20% inclusive)+ 50 MISH (Equity Token)
$100 Investment = 600 MICK (20% inclusive) + 100 MISH (Equity Token)
$500 Investment = 3000 MICK (20% inclusive) + 500 MISH (Equity Token)
$1000 Investment = 6000 (20% inclusive) + 1000 MISH (Equity Token)
Our stablecoin will also be distributed to all MICK holders based on the amount of MICK they are holding. That means that the more MICK you have, the more stablecoin you will get in the future when its launched.
That is a very big opportunity, so take advantage now before it will be too late.
Now that you have seen the bonus/reward attached to the private sale, lets move straight to the step by step guide on how to buy the Micklecoin because I know that you are already impressed and can’t wait to get your own MICK + BONUS right away.
Step 1: Go to Private Sale page,  and scroll down to the “Buy Tokens” section to see the contract address.
Step 2: Here, you have two options to buy tokens. It’s either you copy the contract address by the left hand side and send ETH manually from your wallet  or you click on the “Buy Tokens” by the right hand side to connect your MetaMask wallet and send ETH.
Well, which ever method you choose, you will receive your MICK instantly once the transaction is confirmed.
Now, for this tutorial we are going to use MetaMask.
To connect to MetaMask, click on “Buy Tokens” by the right hand side for a pop up form to appear.
Step 3: Enter the beneficiary wallet address and the amount of ETH you want to send.
Note: Please crosscheck your information to confirm that everything you just entered are all correct most especially the wallet address because that is where we are going to send your own equity token (MISH). So choose your wallet address wisely. Don’t use exchange wallet address.
Once you’re done. Click on “send” and wait for the MetaMask pop up to appear so that you can approve the transaction.
Step 4: Once the MetaMask pop up appears, click on “confirm” to approve the transaction, after that a successful transaction message will appear showing that your transaction has been processed.Then instantly you will receive MICK in your wallet.
Step 5: If you contributed using MetaMask, you can get your MICK doing the following
Copy the contract address from the token sale page or from etherscan.
Login to MetaMask
Click on the hamburger menu.
Scroll down and click “Add Tokens”
Click on “Custom Token” tab.
Paste the MICK contract address you copied initially and click on “Next” tab.
You will see your Micklecoin balance, click on “Add Toke” to finish.
Then you will be able to transfer or trade MICK.

Boom! MICK just arrived in the wallet. This is 4600 MICK ($920) with 20% bonus inclusive. Hope you have yours too in your wallet. If yes, congratulations. If no, do that as soon as possible before the Private sale will be over so that you don’t miss the bonus/reward attached to it.

We hope this helped you learn how to buy Micklecoin (MICK) during the Private sale.
Note: This screenshot was done on testnet, so when you want to buy MICK make sure that you are on mainnet.
In case you want to swap any ERC20 token for ETH so that you can buy MICK, kindly go to our SWAP page to do that, we have provided an easy way for you to do that. For more detailed instruction see our guide on how to swap tokens
Now that you have purchased MICK, what’s next?.
Join our community forum and social media groups/pages (Telegram ,Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for communication and updates, so that you will know when MICK is listed for trading, when the distribution of MickleShares (MISH) to private sale investors will start and many other important information.
Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below and if you have any issues that you need an urgent attention, please chat with us live or send email, we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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