How To Swap Cryptocurrency Tokens

Swapping of tokens is what we often do when we need a particular token for one reason or the other, it could be for token sale participation where they requested payment in token that you don’t have, Example: Micklecoin private sale that is ongoing. which the only accepted cryptocurrency is ETH. Now to participate in the token sale, you need ETH. So because¬† of that you need to swap any particular token you are holding for ETH to be able to participate in the token sale.
Therefore, for the sake of the ongoing Micklecoin private sale, we have provided an option for our investors to easily swap any tokens for ETH to be able to buy MICK. 
Note: We are not charging any fees for token swap. You swap based on the market price of the tokens on the exchanges. From the swap page you will see the current price of each token at any point in time.
This step by step guide below will guide you through on how to instantly swap any tokens for ETH here.
STEP 1. Go to our token swap page
STEP 2. On the page, you will see “Sell” and “Buy” option. The “Sell” option is where you will choose the quantity and the token you want to swap while the “Buy” option is where you will choose the token you want. Then click on “Connect Wallet To Swap” and wait for a pop up to appear.
STEP 3: Once the pop up wallets appear, choose your favorite to connect and swap token instantly.
Once you swap your token for ETH, you can buy MICK instantly form the token sale page. For more information, please follow this guide on how to buy Micklecoin in the ongoing Private sale.
We hope this helped you learn how to swap token. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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